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Buyers love us because we don't accept just any listing. ALL of our listings must meet some very basic criteria that buyers are looking for and we're happy to go over your business/app portfolio/technology with you and shine it up.  We've been doing this awhile and can normally spot simple things to increase the real value of the business for buyers and sellers.

And while we don't accept all listings, app related or not, if your business meets some very basic criteria, we're confident we can get you a serious offer from one of our many pre-qualified buyers.

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App Portfolio - 500 apps and 10 Million Downloads

For sale is an explosive growth app business started in 2013. This business now has over 500 apps primarily in the most sought after gaming niche with others that span 8 categories in the app store. It has accumulated over 10MM downloads and averages approximately 881,200 downloads per month.

Asking Price: $425,000 | Revenue: $324,123 | Cash Flow: $247,780

Leading Brand in App Developer Training & Tools

For sale is the leading brand and an internationally recognized pioneer in one of the hottest industries in the world, mobile app development training and tools. This company is the leader in teaching people how to successfully create mobile apps and market them. With the largest app developer customer base (4,500) of any business in this market, 6 evergreen products and sales funnels that have produced over $3,000,000 in total revenue, a bestselling book, the largest active community of responsive developers, access to App Store data that can be leveraged multiple ways (15% of the top apps are represented by customers of this company), and the leading brand for app developer training, this business represents a significant acquisition for the right buyer.

Asking Price: $800,000 | Revenue: $937,186 | Cash Flow: $325,778

Mobile Phone Monitoring Software Business - Recurring Revenue

For sale is a high growth, high margin consumer subscription cell phone monitoring software that helps parents, employers and partners track, monitor and log the text messages, instant messages, GPS location, emails, phone calls and images of any cell phone that the software is installed on. Main products are sold on a monthly billing business producing recurring revenue. The business was profitable from day one and has been growing year on year at an average of 600% with net profit in the last 12 months of $2.2 million.

Asking Price: $4,000,000 | Revenue: $3,300,000 | Cash Flow: $2,000,000