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Buyers love us because we don't accept just any listing. ALL of our listings must meet some very basic criteria that buyers are looking for and we're happy to go over your business/app portfolio/technology with you and shine it up.  We've been doing this awhile and can normally spot simple things to increase the real value of the business for buyers and sellers.

And while we don't accept all listings, app related or not, if your business meets some very basic criteria, we're confident we can get you a serious offer from one of our many pre-qualified buyers.

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Two App Portfolios - 66 apps and 1 Million Downloads

For sale is a set of two gaming app portfolios with a total of 66 apps and 1 million downloads. The company was started about a year ago and develops and reskins casual mobile games for iOS, Android & Amazon. After the startup phase, the business has produced $124K in revenue and $103K in profit in the past 10 months. Current run rate is approximately $143K/year in revenue and $117K/year in profit. In September the owners signed a contract with one of the largest companies in the app store for a direct advertising deal on all of their slot games for $6 per install.

Asking Price: $220,000 | Revenue: $124,791 | Cash Flow: $103,366

Stock Trading Training and Software Business (Great Lead Gen For Funds)

This business sells stock trading courses and systems and has been in business since 2008. With over 20 different products targeting almost every aspect of trading, in addition to a wide range of price points, and a very high customer loyalty level proven by repeat sales, the diversity of revenue streams combined with many effective marketing funnels (including radio and television), the profitability and growth potential of this business is as solid as they come.

Asking Price: $6,000,000 | Revenue: $4,567,519 | Cash Flow: $1,858,150

Top Internet Business Training Company - Recurring Revenue (price reduced)

For sale is a highly successful internet business related training company with a recurring revenue model that generated $1,195,773 in revenue and $718,488 in profit over the last 12 months. The business consists of four key websites for which customers pay a monthly fee to access high quality training on various aspects of internet business. All of the sites are seasoned and 96% of the revenue is generated through leveraged recurring billing.

Asking Price: $450,000 | Revenue: $1,195,773 | Cash Flow: $718,488